Estate Planning
Knowing that the people you care about will be secure in the future makes the tools of estate planning valuable.  I help clients understand how wills, trusts and other instruments of estate planning can benefit them.

What type of estate planning does your firm handle?

I restrict my estate planning practice to drafting wills, trusts,  medical directives and powers of attorney.


Does everyone need a will?

No, not everyone needs estate planning documents, although most adults would benefit from some form of estate planning.  Establishing how you wish for your medical care to be handled with advanced medical directives  can relieve a tremendous amount of stress on your family members.  Persons who may imminently require in-depth care of another can simply their lives with different forms of powers of attorney.  These sort of documents can make a big difference in your life and the life of your family members, and are not only important for those with significant net worth.